Dongfang Electric Signs Billion Dollar Bills in India

When the stock price of Dongfang Electric was suppressed due to the nuclear leakage incident in Japan, good news came out of overseas markets. The relevant person in charge of the Consulate General of India in Guangzhou recently revealed to Southern Reporters

Japanese lighting manufacturers quietly raise price war

In 2011, the LED production competition may cause oversupply and the competition between the Taiwanese factory and the international giants will be intensified. The global LED industry has entered a period of changing forces. As the Japanese lighting compan

Apple iPad2 parallel prices

At present, the reporter saw in a Yantai seller's Taobao store, iPad2 (wifi + 3G, 64G, black) offer 7350 yuan, Taobao shop owner told reporters that "the inventory is small, only four." Purchase time is March 11th. The deposit is 301 yuan, and th

Store the future of building digital data

Sustained growth is an eternal theme in the digital world. It is estimated that from 2009 to 2020, the digital world will increase in size by 44 times, which means that it will increase by 41% annually. It will become more and more complicated to store, find a

Japan launches new semiconductor technology development plan

This program recently launched a program to develop multi-type, low-volume system integrated circuit manufacturing technology. The total investment for this project is about 80 million U.S. dollars, and it is planned to develop a practical manufacturing system

LED street lamp drive power supply prices dropped by 30%

According to media reports, Shenzhen LED industry achieved an annual output value of 24.5 billion yuan in 2009, and the average annual growth rate was over 30%. The market prospect is bright. Recently, however, there have been real comments in the media tha

Keli sentiment: Future CPU chip power consumption reduced by half

Since the invention of silicon transistors and semiconductor integrated circuits more than 50 years ago, 3-D transistors have been put into mass production for the first time. This is a major breakthrough announced by Intel Corporation in Santa Clara, Calif.,

Cutting memory investment to prevent prices from falling

Bloomberg reported that Micron CEO Steve Appleton recently stated that in order to avoid the price drop caused by excess capacity in 2010, the capital expenditures of memory chip makers this year will be very conservative.

Steve Appleton said at an an