Stanley releases white LED headlamp samples for cars

STANLEY ELECTRIC recently exhibited a sample of headlamps that can use high-power white light-emitting diodes (LEDs) for low beam and high beam. At present, most automotive lighting manufacturers generally use white LED modules only for low beam lights, while high beam lights use HID lamps. In addition, white LED manufacturers such as Toyota Synthetic have also exhibited white LED light sources for headlights, leaving the impression that white LED modules are becoming more powerful. All white LED module samples have a diameter of about 30 mm to 50 mm in the state with an optical lens, and are a large variety of LEDs. LED luminous efficiency will exceed that of HID lamps around 2008. Stanley Electric's headlamps were jointly developed with Hella KG Hueck & Co. The sample encapsulates four large LED chips into one high-power white LED module, with five such modules on the low beam and two on the high beam. When the low beam is lit, the total beam is 700 lm. According to the introduction, "the brightness of the HID lamp just after the market is confirmed can be ensured." Each white LED module emits a beam of about 140 lm. The power consumed by the sample is estimated to be 1.4 to 1.6 times that of the HID lamp of the same brightness. The increase in luminous efficiency of white LEDs "has slowed down in the past, but has recently resumed the acceleration. It is estimated that the luminous efficiency of HID lamps will be reached and exceeded around 2008," a Stanley Electric spokesman said. The headlamps introduced by Japan Silk Factory are equipped with 11 white LED modules, including 6 low beam lights and 5 high beam lights. The beam when the low beam is lit is 800 lm to 1000 lm. It is possible to control the lighting of the white LED module for the low beam depending on the driving state. For example, at high speeds, five of the central sections illuminate, reducing the range of beam illumination from the headlamps, allowing the light to reach a distance. When driving in the urban area, the upper three sides of the central part and one of the low beam lights provided on both sides of the central part are illuminated by a white LED module to expand the illumination angle of the front light. This type of headlight also has an AFS function, and the center of the headlights is active in order to turn the angle of the light toward the turning direction of the car while driving in a corner. The energy conversion efficiency of the light source system is 65%. The headlight-oriented white LED light source from OSRAM is equipped with a white LED module called OSTAR developed by Osram, Germany. OSTAR is a product that packs four large 1mm square LED chips together. The beam of each module is up to 300lm. OSRAM has used OSTAR to produce a light source system that includes a power IC that drives a white LED module. After powering up the system, the conversion efficiency of light energy can reach 65%. The back of the light source is equipped with a large heat sink, and the cooling efficiency of the light source is also high. The white LED light source exhibited by Toyota Synthetic also packs a plurality of large LED chips in one module. The company has prepared headlamps that have been prototyped using 12 such sources. The practical use of white LED headlamps will take time. Almost all concept cars currently visiting the Auto Show are using white LED headlamps. It is not only a peculiar shape, but also a prototype car that is very practical and practical. Even the Toyota concept car LF-Sh, which is the flagship sedan of the Lexus brand, and the concept car of the Toyota next-generation minivan, are also equipped with white LED fronts. The lights make people feel very close to practical use. However, in order to use the white LED as the main source of the headlights, the corresponding legal revision seems to have progressed somewhat slowly. The point of view of the practical stage of white LED headlamps to be pushed back has been heard many times in various company pavilions. The GRE of the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe to consider the law relating to headlamps is expected to allow the use of white LEDs for the main headlight source from the end of 2006 to the beginning of 2007, but the available time will be delayed until after the fall of 2007. After the GRE is approved for use, it is estimated that other regions including Japan will also allow the use of white LEDs. A headlamp manufacturer said that if the GRE committee held in the fall of 2005 can pass the law, the law will be revised around the fall of 2007. If the committee fails, the available period may be postponed from the fall of 2007.


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