Tesla new function: sensor recognition autopilot

According to foreign media reports, Tesla CEO Elon Musk has to add new skills to his car with autopilot. On Monday, through a personal Twitter account, a feature called “psychedelic cowbell road” will be activated in the new autopilot, which helps users see the car sensor in t

Haier Ali cloud TV new main TV shopping

On November 26th, Haier Aliyun TV New Product Experience Conference was held in Beijing. Haier Ali TV fans, partners, experts, and media now experience Haier Ali TV AL88. This Haier TV AL88 will be built into the Ali family digital entertainment ecosystem. , shopping, g

Servo System Design Verification Process Solution

Servo system is widely used in aerospace, weapons, shipbuilding, industrial automation and other fields. With the development trend of servo system exchange, digitization and integration, it is particularly important to improve the development efficien

Tesla CEO Musk: Redefining Model 3 Production Planning Model

Recently, news about Tesla has been frequently seen in our ears, such as the latest Model 3 exposure, ModelX recall, the breaking of the new factory and the introduction of the Model S. At the same time, Tesla CEO Elon Musk has been on Twitter to answer questions about

Intelligent humane Hisense LED55K20JD

Hisense LED55K20JD has a stylish slim border, supports voice command recognition system, intuitive gesture control method, equipped with 55-inch 1920x1080 high-definition screen, whether it is excellent

Skyworth TV Android software installation tool download [with tutorial]

How does Skyworth TV install third-party Android software? Need to download Skyworth TV Android software installation tool, with its cooperation, Skyworth TV can easily install any apk software, here I reminded, it is best to install application market software (such as

LG 55UB8800 first test webOS, comprehensive evaluation!

LG "View of the rhyme" series of smart TV on the market has been sought after, TV in the design adds a lot of Chinese elements, such as a symbol of "a better life, smooth sailing" of the pedestal design, golden frame color, etc., have been a lot of

Basic knowledge and measurement of audio distortion

"Distortion" is an important feature of audio components and is often listed in the specifications of speakers, amplifiers and other audio acoustic equipment. Unfortunately, this term is often misused and many important additional information is often overlooked.