Design of 2.4GHz Wireless Mouse and Keyboard Receiver

With the continuous development of wireless communication technology, technologies such as Bluetooth, RFID, and WIFI have appeared in the field of short-range wireless communication. These technologies are constantly being used in embedded devices and PC peripherals. T

Lvdt displacement sensor working principle and main features

The lvdt displacement sensor is one of the widely used sensors in displacement measurement and plays an important role in many applications. What is the lvdt sensor? What are its characteristics? Let's take a look at it.

Lvdt displacement sensor works


Application of equalization circuit D7796P

D7796P is a dedicated multi-point tone control integrated circuit. This circuit has the advantages of wide operating voltage range, low noise, small distortion, wide tone control range, etc. D7796P is used as the tone control circuit in audio equipment, and t

Why are LED lights used in hotel lighting?

At present, domestic hotels are carrying out light-changing operations. Recently, it was reported that Shangri-La Hotel's light source energy-saving renovation project was launched. The Shangri-La Hotel, Dalian will be the world's first international h

LED lighting accessories to standardize

On April 20th, the National Luminaire Quality Supervision and Inspection Center (Zhongshan) organized an exchange forum entitled "Standardization Status and Testing Technology of LED Lamps and Accessories" at the conference center on the third floor

China's industrial sensors usher in the golden development

Sensor technology is the cutting-edge technology of modern science and technology. The sensor industry is also recognized as a promising high-tech industry at home and abroad. It is characterized by its high technological content, good economic returns, strong