Fiber laser technology for medical diagnosis

Fiber laser technology for medical diagnosis

The use of fiber laser marking systems has driven advances in animal health care.

In order to replicate data matrix codes on a polypropylene medical diagnostic device, IDEXX Laboratories has researched and t

Energy Technology Lights "Low Carbon Expo"

On May 1st, the 2010 Shanghai World Expo officially opened to welcome Chinese and foreign tourists. 189 countries and 57 international organizations from all over the world actually participated in the exhibition, creating the highest history of the Ex

Why is OLED development difficult?

Although the market for small electronic devices such as mobile phones and digital media players has become a high-end technology symbol, in the field of large-size displays, OLEDs are still slow to develop or even lag. At the end of March 2010, Sony Corporation

Commercial lighting companies march into the public sphere

In order to cater to the consumer's consumption concept and appreciate the change of taste, the company is constantly innovating products and sales strategies. The main battlefield of commercial lighting enterprise market competition has shift