Chief designer Li Xinggang insomnia for the "Bird's Nest" (Figure)

Li Xinggang, the chief designer of the National Sports Mocking Bird Nest, deputy chief architect of the China Architecture Design and Research Institute, graduated from the Department of Architecture of Tianjin University. He went to France to stu

Roots Lighting: Signing "Art Players"

Recently, the signing of Hunan Satellite TV "Art Players" by the roots has become a topic that many companies often talk about during brand promotion.

In order to quickly occupy the market and enhance brand awareness and reputat

NVC Lighting: Rebirth after the robbery from 2004 to 2005

Fourth, 2004-2005: Shareholders separated, reborn after robbery

"Now the NVC is very rich?" Someone asked the president Wu Changjiang. In the past, because the founders were divided, the other two entrepreneurs “bloodedâ