110, 122, 119 Integrated Alarm System Solutions

System Overview:
110, 122, and 119, as a part of the public security command center, the administrative department of the police can refer to the discussion paper of the "Public Security Industry Technical Standards of the People's Republic of China", and can re

Elis Phone Billing System Application Solution

●Overview Today's modern technology and economic development are increasingly important. Telephones have become an important way for people to communicate with each other, how to make them better serve the people, and to achieve accuracy, timeliness, and standardization,

What is Industrial Ethernet Bus

The RTU2000 and RTU3000 series of industrial field data acquisition and control products introduced by Blue Sky Industrial Controls are industrial Ethernet based acquisition and control systems.

In today's era, the concept that the network is the control has

Anhui Longda Technology Lightning Protection and Grounding Solution

The Ionic Earthing Array (IEA) is ideal for a variety of grounding applications. Traditional grounding systems such as metal rods, metal strips, plate conductors, or deep-well grounding, etc., merely flow fault currents through these metallic conductors into the earth, but cannot

Motor Control Solutions

Universal multi-channel I/O and 6-axis motor control card
32-bit PCI bus, plug and play
6 differential pulse generators

6-channel 32-bit encoder pulse input
6-bit 32-bit position comparison (with interrupt function)

High-voltage IGBT module features and applications

The new generation of 3300V 1200A IGBT modules still maintain the typical characteristics of IGBT modules, namely low loss, low noise, and high short-circuit tolerance. Its saturation voltage drop is similar to that of a 1600V product, achieving a better short-circuit tolerance co

Urban Water Supply Automation Solution

To meet the requirements of modern urban water supply, computerization, digitization, and networking are implemented to achieve “unattended” (less-person duty) and remote monitoring, and to realize open software and hardware, facilitating system expansion and upgrade.

Network Security Firewall System Solution

Industry Overview In the rapid development of Internet technology, with the widespread use of e-commerce and online payment, the security of the Internet has become more and more important. As a product that overcomes the problem of low security factor of the original softwar

Advantech ADAM-4570 to help you achieve PLC online solutions

Problems encountered by the PLC's communication interface 1. Today, Ethernet/Internet is very popular, most PLCs only provide RS-232/422/485 serial communication interface, PLC has not been able to share Ethernet/Internet brought about by Abundant resources.
2. The new no

The Latest Application of Fuji's New Products in Industrial Control

The latest application of Fuji's new products in industrial control The comprehensive application of PLC, human-machine interface, and temperature control table Fujifilm's system integration department Sheng Lirong Li Qinghua I. Introduction Fuji Electric is a large-scale

Indomido EM21 Smart Home Solution

The em2000H home gateway is designed for home applications and meets the needs of smart homes.
Sets the functions of transparent data stream transmission, hub (HUB) and gateway.
Transparent data stream transmission supports CAN, LonWorks and other field buses, supporting